Timeless  Italian furniture

We have been manufacturing custom-made furniture of high quality. We are bringing our craft prestige completely made in Italy to the most beautiful homes in the world.

Zuccati Brothers, started in 1945 from love and their great relationship in the heart of craftsman art furniture area.The business originated from a small craft furniture concern , a really unique painstaking job, unique in its kind . The aim has been to manufacture furniture which are marked by the quality of wood and the accuracy which each piece is made with.
Mirko and Cinzia, the children, entered the firm in the mid 80s. They have added an innovative strength to experience and tradition, by increasing the range of products and adding new ideas to a consolidated reality.



Zuccati Brothers, nowadays, still remains a craft concern where the spirit which features is to manufacture unique furnishing of its kind, fully custom-made from the choice of materials to the finishing to allow customers  to surround of exclusive  objects they love.



Furnishing, for Zuccati Brothers,  means matching thought and reality, taste and practical aspects, planning a unique masterpiece everytime while being faithful to the quality and prestige  of craft, to the spirit which has been animating  Zuccati Brothers since its origin.



From homes, to business to high level hotel accommodation in order to  carry out projects originated by  imagination and creativity of the architects, from the  unique classical style to the clean lines of the contemporary style until the essential line of the minimalist style.


Knowing how to decorate, it means creating a perfect harmony and perfect harmony between all the elements that characterize a space.

Thanks to the collaboration of international partners and famous architects among them Mr Mauro Sartore and Yuliya Soloveva, Zuccati Brothers manufacture furnishings of sizes and high level quality, by taking care of interiors of homes in every phase of restructuring both the interiors, the  structural architecture and  curtains , keeping firmly that to know how to furnish means to create  a right harmony  and a perfect tuning among all elements that are in the area.




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